Green Policy

The management and the staff of our luxury beach resort in Crete, knowing the meaning of quality of the environment for tourism, developed an environmental management system, according to the requirements of the international model ISO 14001.

Our goal is to promote tourist activities in which the quality of the provided services and the satisfaction of our guests are combined with the protection of the environment.

Through this policy we are bound for the harmonization with the relative legislation, the continuous improvement of the environmental progresses of the hotel unit, in connection with the attendance and reduction of all environmental pressure which is created by its activities and by preventing pollution.

They are realized more with:

  • The realization of actions for saving energy, the reduction of water consumption, the correct management of produced sewages and the reduction and correct management of the produced solid waste.
  • The maintenance of good quality of atmospheric air
  • The protection of the beach and the quality of the water
  • The collaboration with neighboring institutions for the maintenance of the natural good region.
  • The briefing of all institutions of region on the environmental activities done by the hotel unit aiming in their sensitization and their cooperation.
  • The education and the sensitization of our staff aiming at its active presence in the system of the environmental management
  • The briefing of our guests on the environmental activities of our hotel, aiming in the encouragement of their active presence

The objectives mentioned above regarding our policy are achieved through the system of the environmental management with the development of concrete and measurable targets, the regular inspection of environmental parameters, the control of the progress of the interventions, the inspection of the restitution of the system and the report of its objectives aiming at their improvement.


Sustainability Report

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