Participate and learn with us

Guests at our resort are encouraged to participate in our weekly cooking lessons, which feature traditional recipes from Crete and throughout Greece and are held at Taverna Akrogiali.
Curated by the resort’s Executive Chef, the recipe varies every week; the lesson is performed by different cooks or local experts, such as bakers preparing fresh bread, pastry chefs creating unique Cretan local delicacies, and so on.
Here at Agapi Beach, we are committed to returning to our roots, honoring our ancient heritage and the integrity of our traditional cooking methods. That’s why our focus is on traditional family recipes and local, seasonal flavors – with each ingredient maintaining its own identity. After all, when you’ve grown your own tomatoes, made your own cheese or foraged for your own wild greens, you want to see them celebrated on the plate!  Our chefs make dishes that allow the mindful diner to relish every nuance of Crete’s natural flavors and goodness, complemented by a carefully chosen wine. The lesson is completely interactive – participate, take notes and taste your creations!